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CEFRIO supports and accelerates innovation and digital appropriation in small and large businesses, public services and large networks through pilot initiatives and structuring projects carried out in collaboration with university researchers and in collaboration with the communities or actors concerned.

How to support Quebec SMEs in the adoption of digital technologies?

SME 2.0 program

What is the perception of industry 4.0 for Quebec manufacturers?

Perception of industry 4.0 by the leaders of manufacturing businesses in Quebec

What are the expectations of Quebec adults regarding the online purchase of damage insurance?

Damage insurance in the digital era

What kind of consumer goods did Quebec adults procure themselves online in 2017?

E-commerce index in Quebec in 2017

How to support experimentation and adoption of 5G technologies?

5G ENCQOR initiative

How did Quebec adults use digital technologies in 2017?

NETendances 2017


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