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How ICT contributes to innovative organizations

Research and Experimentation Component

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is of strategic importance in developing and implementing innovation projects in organizations. A great deal of work has been carried out in recent years to define 2.0 concepts and overcome geographical and time barriers through mobility. The Innovation and ICT project goes a step further by more closely examining the determinants of ICT-based innovation. Taking into account the diversity of ICT, the project team looked at its contribution to innovation processes as well as ICT potential and take-up for new uses. The ultimate goal was to develop a tool to help public and private organizations assess and improve ICT integration in their business models.

Survey Component

Conducted in parallel, the Innovation and ICT survey provides an ICT-related overview of organizations in Quebec and the rest of Canada based on such aspects of innovation as intensity of ICT use and culture of experimentation. We believe that this tool for measuring organizations’ digital capital gives Quebec a new asset for leveraging current and future technologies.

The survey component results were presented at the TIC : la clé de l’entreprise numérique conference held at HEC Montréal in November 2012. We invite you to download the report entitled Results of a Survey of Quebec and Canadian Businesses and Organizations.

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