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My Digital Primary Health Care

My Digital Primary Health Care is a mobilizing social innovation project intended to optimize the operation, effectiveness and efficiency of front line health services in Québec. It falls within the 2010-2013 Québec Research and Innovation Strategy (QRIS) of the Government of Québec.

By building on the ICT's, the My Digital Primary Health Care project aims to establish better dynamics between patients and health care providers, the first getting better capability to proactively take charge of their own health and the second working as a network and interdisciplinary teams.

Mobilizing the Health ICT industry.

The My Digital Primary Health Care project also strives to mobilize the Québec health ICT industry.

Through an alliance between actors recognized for their expertise in Québec, partners will work in collaboration for a major social economy: health. This association will be expressed through evolutionary research, the application and development of new ICT's, as well as the applied experimentation in medical settings.

Three research and experimentation streams

The project is composed of three specific streams:

  • The research and technological development (R&TD) activities carried out by the private funding partners and several associated SME;
  • The experimentation of this new approach and technologies in front line clinical contexts by patients and health care professionals;
  • The research done by university researchers associated to CEFRIO and CIRANO to ensure the support and continuous evaluation of the project.

A three year project

Developed over three years, the My Digital Primary Health Care project will focus on a limited number of medical practice settings during the first two years in order to properly introduce innovations, evaluate achieved results and identify reproducibility conditions. The purpose of the third year will be the documentation of the entire approach for a more extensive roll out.


The My Digital Primary Health Care project is administered by the non profit organization My Digital Primary Health Care*, which is made up of its initiating partners: TELUS Health, AudiSoft Technologies, CEFRIO, CIRANO and CRIM.

My Digital Primary Health Care combines the expertise of several networks: initiating partners, research team, SME's participating in the project, practice settings, doctors, citizens and many other partners.

For more informations, we invite you to visit the website dedicated to the project My Digital Primary Health Care