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The dynamic digital world: a portrait of the use of ICTs in the fashion and clothing industry

The fashion and clothing industry has undergone major structural changes for almost two decades. Québec SMEs in this sector are adopting new business strategies in order to remain competitive in a market with strong international competition.

In this context, while digital is a must for the company, it is also an important source of business opportunities.

Produced as part of the PME 2.0 project, this report is divided into three main chapters:

A statistical portrait of the use of digital technology (survey of Quebec companies and survey of Quebec online shoppers).

The results collected from different companies demonstrate the interest in ICT and the commercial potential of the Internet. However, this appeal varies according to the main activity of the company.

The results collected from online shoppers show that online commerce has been increasing in Quebec for the last 4 years. In addition, of all categories of purchases offered online, that of fashion items is the most frequently purchased by consumers.

8 cases of companies that have transformed their business model using digital technologies

  • Chemise Empire
  • Second Clothing
  • Vêtements Peerless
  • Groupe Dynamite
  • ALDO
  • Atelier B
  • Frank & Oak

Overview of technologies available in the fashion and clothing industry

Three structuring techniques for companies

1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - Business Operations Management

2. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software - Develop activities related to design and development

3. Transactional website - Sales and marketing support

This portrait of the fashion and clothing industry is produced as part of the PME 2.0 project, a measure put forward by the Québec Department of Finance and Economy (MFEQ)

Financial partner and collaborators

Other collaborators - Scientific team

  • Jocelyn Bellemare, Professor, Fashion School, ESG, UQAM
  • Rachid Belkouch, research assistant, UQAM
  • Geneviève Samson, research assistant, UQAM

Special collaboration

  • Christophe Billebaud, Director, Montreal Couture





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