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Résau-CEFRIO - Tomorrow’s manager - How to ensure balance?

The lastest CEFRIO survey, which was conducted in co-operation with the Institut de la statistique du Québec, reveals that Quebec businesses (with more than 10 employees) are entering full force into this new economic and social world. Indeed, 57% of these companies are linked to the Internet and slightly more than one-third , i.e. 34%, are present on the Web.

Although encouraging, these figures illustrate that the battle with modernisation has not been won and that efforts must be ongoing over the next few years. However, these findings also reveal a significant change in terms of practices, values, attitudes and skills among those who are becoming, on a daily basis, the major players within these new organizations. Managers are the major players. They are the ones making decisions that add value to information and decisions that translate information into knowledge. They are the ones setting the pace and releasing the energy that will influence the other members of their respective organizations.


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